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Understanding Orders & Trades

The investment amount for any Stak changes during the day based on the prices of the stocks in it. We place buy orders for on the current market price for those stocks, so there is a chance that your actual investment will be different from the amount you confirmed.
No. Since we place orders instantly, you cannot cancel or modify a placed order.
There is a tiny chance that all your orders in a batch do not get filled due to liquidity issues in the exchange. In this case, you can either Repair or Archive the Stak. Repairing the Stak places fresh, new orders for unfilled stocks whereas Archiving the Stak only retains the completely filled orders in the Stak marking the unfilled orders & the batch as Archived. If you want to ensure your Staks matches the original, repairing the Stak should do the trick.
When you place orders on any Stak, we categorize multiple orders by batches. For instance, if you are buying a Stak, all the buy orders for the stocks are put together in the Buy batch. You can expand each Stak to see individual order details.
Investak places market orders at IoC (Immediate or Cancel) validity. This means, when you place an order to get filled at the current market price and stands to be filled immediately else the order is cancelled.
Yes, when you buy/rebalance/exit a Stak, we place all the necessary individual orders at the exchange instantly.