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Investak is a new way to invest in the stock markets. We help you invest in market ideas & themes (GST, monsoons, smart cities) with a few clicks.
Investak is not a stock tipping service. It is a platform which makes investments intuitive .We believe each investment has a theme or strategy. Be it mutual funds or PMS services or financial adviser; all follow their respective strategies or themes. At Investak , we want to democratize this and make it easier for retail customers to invest,
Anyone interested to invest in the stock markets can use Investak. Our friendly interface will appeal to novice investors starting out in the markets. However, if you’re a professional investor or trader, Investak helps you easily take a portfolio exposure to themes and trends that are currently playing out in the market.
Investak brings you market themes & trends in the form of easy-to-invest portfolios of stocks. We follow a top-down approach to select the right stocks & weights that reflect the theme. For eg. if you believe that rural demand will increase due to Budget 2018, we provide you the best stocks to play this theme. Once you buy a Investak, we help you track & manage it with periodical rebalance updates. We take care of tracking the market, its impact on your Investak, and what stocks & weights should stay each quarter - and send an actionable update to you. With themes ranging from long-term trends and government reforms to sectoral exposures and investing strategies - Investak gives you a variety of options to invest in the market.
Each Investak is a basket of upto 30 stocks that reflects an investment idea.Investing in a portfolio gives you diversification benefits, helping you manage risks & returns at a collective level rather than at a single stock-level. Clusters are low-cost investment products that have no hidden costs. You only pay a flat fee when you trade. Clusters are based on forward-looking ideas - if you believe in any theme, we help you invest in the right stocks to play that theme
We are now live. You can start trading using your Angel ID credentials. You can also sign up for a virtual account for free and start trading virtually.