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About Staks

Yes, all Staks are reviewed & updated periodically. To ensure the right exposure to the underlying theme, stocks may be added, removed or re-balanced to a certain weighting scheme. When a Stak you hold is re-balanced, you will receive a re-balance update to apply the same changes to your Stak.
Staks are created by our research team based on market themes or trends that are currently playing in the market. We first try to establish if any trend is associated with an investment opportunity that has a sound rationale before working on that theme. Once the theme is identified and finalized, we take a top-down approach to understand what sectors & sub-sectors the theme impacts the most. We identify the best stocks that provide maximum exposure to the theme and screen them with our proprietary models & indicators. Once the final stock list is selected, we select weights based on the most optimal parameters.
Each Stak has an index value, that shows how the Investak is performing. Set to 1000 at inception, the current value shows how much the Stak has moved since it was created. Assuming a hypothetical investment of Rs.1000 in the Stak on the inception date, the index value is set to 1000. If the index value of the Stak is 1100 after 30 days, it means that the hypothetical investment of Rs. 1000 has grown up to Rs. 1100 now (your Cluster is up by 10%).
A Stak is an intelligently-weighted basket of upto 30 stocks that reflects a particular market theme or trend. For example, a Stak can help you invest in ideas like GST bill passage, good monsoons, sectoral exposures in high growth industries and more!