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Buying a Stak

If you are an NRI client, please write to us at support@investak.in
At Investak, we do not recommend when to buy or sell a particular Stak. It's the user who decides which theme will work and when to buy or sell. At Investak, stock selection for a theme is a result of well documented research process and we ensure that the selected stocks aptly represent the particular theme. Sometimes the market over/under reacts to events in short term which should auto correct with time. You might make more profit by selling before an event or after. We do send a notification when we think the theme has completely played out or factors driving a particular idea have changed.
Yes, you can place orders anytime. But the orders will be processed only during the market hours between 9:15 am – 3:30 p.m. from Monday to Friday.
Based on the stock price of each stock in a Stak, and their prescribed weights, we calculate a minimum amount that allows you to buy all stocks at the closest weights. You can also increase the amount you want to invest in that Stak by entering a multiple of the minimum investment value. It will essentially act like investment in lots.
Once you have chosen a Stak you like, you can buy in lots wherein the lot size is dependent on the the number of stocks, stock price and weights assigned to each stock.